Welcome to the concept that YOU control your health destiny.

As such, YOU are entitled to all the information you seek about the current state of your health. PWR is here to help you do just that.

PWR exists as a private membership research program. You sign a request to be a Research Associate protecting your right to investigate and manage your health as you see fit. As a Research Associate you are entitled to submit specimens for parasite analysis and to receive the results along with recommendations to improve your health in light of the findings.

PWR is not affiliated with any program of insurance and as a private membership only organization the results of all research are provided directly to you or through your designated health care provider. 

Summer Down Time

Friday June 30 through Sunday July 9th

Tuesday August 1 through Wednesday August 9th

Orders for test kits or remedies will be filled before or after those dates.

Phones and emails monitored on a very limited basis.