Order Test Kit

To order a Test Kit, please see below.  Test kits are shipped in the 50 US States only.

When you get the kit please watch this great video of Dr. d'Angelo explaining the kit,  Click Here

Initial Comprehensive Test Kit
Includes instructions on how to use it.  (add number of kits needed in Qty box)



Membership Fee
(one time fee per kit - (add number of membership fees needed in Qty box)




You must become a member of the ParaWellness Research Program Private Membership Association to take advantage of the testing services provided. This is not an option. Each person must become a member individually.

To become a member, each person will read and complete the membership request form and pay the $10 one-time membership fee.

Repeat Test Kit

(After treatment is completed, within 12 months of your last test)



Download Parasite Reference PDF

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