Managing The Coronavirus Chaos
The coronavirus pandemic was just as unexpected as it was unwelcome. The virus brought with it not only sickness, but also necessary changes in the way we work, interact, and live. But, for the most part, we’re pushing through and dealing with the chaos as best as we can…. Read full article


Pathological Changes from Parasitic Infection
In the course of performing parasite testing on urine and stool samples I send out a health history form that contains many different signs, symptoms and pathologies. People circle what applies to them and send this in with their samples… Read full article


Parasite Cleanses
Parasites are a hot topic today. Magazines and journals, radio spots and TV shows have a lot to say about parasites and their treatment. Bringing this important information to the American public is a good thing. People from all over the world… Read full article


Parasites and Cancer
As an integrative medical doctor I want to share with you the connection between cancers and parasites. Few doctors give much attention to the possibility of parasitic infection when it comes to initiation or continuation of cancers. A partial reason for this… Read full article


Parasites and the Nobel Prize in Medicine
The Nobel Prize in medicine for 2015 was awarded to three doctors whose dedicated discoveries and research have produced powerful parasite fighting natural compounds.  The joint award was shared by Dr. Youyou Tu, Dr. William Campbell and Dr. Satoshi Omura… Read full article


Your Health and Parasites Part I: Finding the Hidden Invaders
A major principle I learned in my holistic medicine studies is that much of our ill health starts in the gut. In practice this is very true. When you think about it, the tube that goes from the opening of the mouth to the opening of the anus is a long convoluted continuous tunnel… Read full article


Your Health and Parasites Part II: Eliminate Them!
In part one of this series, you learned why we get so many negative parasite test results and how the ParaWellness Research Program helps people uncover their parasite problems. Now let us turn our discussion to the various ways and means of eliminating them… Read full article