By Jennifer Scott

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The coronavirus pandemic was just as unexpected as it was unwelcome. The virus brought with it not only sickness, but also necessary changes in the way we work, interact, and live. But, for the most part, we’re pushing through and dealing with the chaos as best as we can. If you are still looking for ideas on how to do just that, scroll down for a few examples of how America is coping.

Life On Pause

To fully understand how things are different, we have to look at the ways the coronavirus pandemic has put life on pause. School closures , for example. U.S.News explains that across the country, school systems left for spring break and never went back.

How are we dealing with this? The internet. There has been a sudden and necessary rush for parents and children alike to learn how to handle online education . But, don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you have not been able to manage work, kids, and your other responsibilities, particularly if you’ve been thrust into a work-at-home situation. This brings us to our next point: remote work.

Remote work has also become more common since early spring. Slack reported all the way back in April that 16 million employees suddenly switched to working remotely as a direct result of COVID-19. While this does not negate the fact that, during that same timeframe, unemployment rates were actually close to 20% , we would’ve had many more Americans out of work had the pandemic hit before the infrastructure was in place to work from home.

For singles, coronavirus has made dating a bit more challenging. With the necessity to socially distance, dating has gone virtual. And without the pressure to engage in sex, new couples are getting to know each other before taking things to the next level.

Life Goes On

Although the pandemic has halted many aspects of life, there are some that simply cannot change. If you are moving because of a job (or job loss), you’ll still have to get your home ready to sell, despite the pandemic. Fortunately, technology and the internet steps in here, too, and our realtors can now easily, quickly, and effectively help us showcase our homes online. Redfin points to virtual options , such as 3-D walk-throughs and video chats. These can reduce the number of people coming into your home, which is crucial if your area is still in the proverbial red zone.

Childbirth is another example of things that can’t be put on pause. Having a baby looks different today, however, and many new moms are both excited and scared of the process knowing they will not have their anticipated support network. But no intrusions and the potential to be at home with their partner means that the pandemic is the perfect opportunity to bond with their new baby.

Overcoming Challenges Together Apart

We’ve all experienced something new in the wake of the virus’s path. We’ve taken to following new lifestyle blogs for advice on everything from how to cut our own hair and deal with family as we work and educate from home, and even for inspiration for coping with today’s issues. We’ve been communicating more than ever with the outside world as we learn to navigate this new world together, even though we are apart.

This virus has changed things for all of us. Fortunately, we have responded in force, and we have done a great job despite none of us having any experience dealing with a global pandemic. While no one can tell you how to react to change, the above examples may give you perspective. Remember, embrace it, and do not let change stop you from living your life. Things will be different moving forward, but we will get through it together.