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As an integrative medical doctor I want to share with you the connection between cancers and parasites. Few doctors give much attention to the possibility of parasitic infection when it comes to initiation or continuation of cancers. A partial reason for this is that doctors and patients are under a false belief that our public health and sanitation is effective enough to prevent parasite problems.

Any veterinarian will tell you that our soil and surface water are just as parasite infested as any other part of the world. Some benefit is achieved by water purification and filtration. But our food, insect and airborne exposures put us on par with our neighbors in less developed countries of the world.

In practical terms, doctors believe that most people do not really have a parasite problem. This is fostered by the large number of stool parasite tests that are reported negative by conventional labs. As a medical lab technician in my earlier years I can tell you that the responsibility to examine specimens for parasites under the microscope is relegated to a low time and effort priority given all the other testing that labs must accomplish in the course of a day. This is really unfortunate because parasites are present in most people when the specimens are prepared properly and adequate time is spent examining multiple microscope slides thoroughly.

Diagnostic medical parasitology is the branch of medical science that examines body fluids and tissues for the presence of parasites. I have been involved in this since 1966 when I served as an Air Force microbiology technician in Viet Nam. After medical school and a residency in family medicine I continued my career as a parsitologist by setting up and running labs in practices where I worked. Now that I am partially retired, I specialize in parasite exams for people who want to know what is really happening to them.

This brings us to the connection between parasites and cancer. A true statement is that chronic inflammation is a seedbed for chronic degenerative diseases including cancers. In my work with cancer patients, I found that at a certain point in recovery the healing process will plateau and may not advance until we uncover and correct any existing parasite problems. In other words, significantly reduce inflammation caused by these organisms.

Parasites come in many forms. Some are actual worms such as tapeworms and roundworms. Others are flukes. Many are single celled protozoans. The fungi such as yeast and molds along with pathogenic bacteria and viruses could be considered parasites. These organisms fulfill the criteria that part or all of their life cycle require the human host for protection, nutrition or reproduction.

Most parasites produce toxic waste. Some of them eat and destroy our cells. Some invade our tissues. Some steal our food. Some do all of these things. As tissues become inflamed from such things happening, cancers can arise. One way to think of cancer is an attempted healing response gone awry.

Gastrointestinal symptoms commonly found with parasites are flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, abdominal cramping, constipation, malabsorption, maldigestion, bloody or odorous stool, mucus and leaky gut. Systemic symptoms can be one or more of the following: fatigue, nervous/sensory disorders, pain, skin disorders, allergies, nausea, muscle weakness/pain, immune deficiencies, headache, fever, insomnia, night sweats and weight changes. People who harbor parasites may have some, all or none of these symptoms.

Who needs a good parasite exam? The truthful answer is – we all do. Let’s take some examples of how we can become parasitized.

The oral route is the most common route into the body. Parasites can be found in the soil that clings to our vegetables. Protozoan single cell parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia can be recovered in drinking water as some resist the chemical treatment and filtration processes. Tapeworms or their eggs can be present in uncooked meats and fish and adhere to our skin during preparation. The pets we love can get us infected when they lick us. Barefoot activities outside can be a source of opportunity for roundworms such as Ascaris to directly penetrate skin. Insects are known to carry a whole host of parasitic organisms. Even treatments such as taking antibiotics can promote difficulties with yeast like Candida.

In a recent month I tested 54 stool specimens. Roundworm eggs were present in 25 people; half were infested with yeast and most had one or more protozoans. What is remarkable is that all the cancer patients had parasites and of those without cancer only one was parasite free! What we think is happening is that the parasites create tissue inflammation and destruction which bogs down the immune system and provides fuel for cancer growth and invasion by yeast. The yeast feed on the dying tissue and they secrete more toxins that further destroy tissue keeping the cycle of inflammation (which promotes cancer) going. By eliminating the parasites and the yeast the immune system is freed up to do its job of attacking and resolving cancer.

I offer a very thorough urine and stool parasite testing program to any individual who requests to be checked. My program is called the ParaWellness Research Program. I ask my clients to join the Program as a volunteer Research Associate which allows freedom of exchange of all the information we glean from testing their samples.

Upon your request a specimen collection kit is sent to you. The samples of urine and stool are sent back, processed, thoroughly examined and a report generated. I arrange a time to visit with you by phone regarding the findings and answer questions about their significance and treatment options. A hard copy of the report with information about each parasite found and treatment recommendations are sent to you in booklet form. This service is furnished for $297. You can place your request on the website: www.parawellnessresearch.com or by phone 303-680-2288.

My mission continues to be raising awareness of the actual level of our parasite problem and the natural ways of parasite elimination. I stand ready to assist you in this endeavor. Thank you.

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