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Parasites are a hot topic today. Magazines and journals, radio spots and TV shows have a lot to say about parasites and their treatment. Bringing this important information to the American public is a good thing. People from all over the world are here as visitors and work alongside us. Our food is now grown and imported from many other countries. The possibility that we are being exposed to more and more parasitic organisms is certainly a thought in the mind of the average American.

If we think we might be exposed to parasites then we would also be concerned about having a parasite problem. The next step would be to find out. This can be somewhat difficult and expensive. It entails a doctor visit, some type of parasite testing and a follow-up to go over the results. This can add up to a lot of dollars and cents. More often than not, the end result is that the lab did not find any evidence of parasites. At this point, many people turn to over-the-counter easily obtained parasite cleanses. Just how good are they? A visit to the health food store or a search online will confront you with a myriad of different products supposedly designed to eliminate the parasites within you. Most of them rely upon a mix of chemicals, herbs and various supplements taken according to a certain schedule in a specified number of doses or days of use. In my opinion, they don’t work and here’s why. Parasites are living organisms that will do everything they can to survive. Different parasites have different metabolisms, favorite locations to grow and reproduce in the body and a certain amount of resistance to forces that would want to eliminate them. An effective treatment must account for all of these factors and a general parasite cleanse will be lacking in one or more of these factors.

In my work as a parsitologist, I have found parasites in people that have done parasite cleanses, sometimes repeatedly. I have also found parasites surviving prescription medication treatment. Eradication of parasites must take into account many variables. Along with the treatment one must also consider the health and stamina of the one being treated. A successful outcome entails a very thorough parasite examination uncovering which parasites are the problem and then providing a program that targets very specifically each of those types of parasites. The program must also be long enough to catch all of the stragglers.

If you truly want to find out if you have a parasite problem consider the ParaWellness Research program. Specimens of urine and stool are thoroughly examined in multiple ways and each person’s treatment program is individualized for the most optimum response. Time, effort and resources are best used in a definitive manner that produces the desired outcome. Parasite cleanses unfortunately come up short.

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